Are you look for an Exclusive over 35’s VIP Invite Only Single Lifestyle Events Club?

Have you ever met someone and shared a special connection, not necessarily sexual? An impulse making you think “I need to see this person again”? That feeling of “we click”?


We believe “collecting” people on the “same wave length” together in a friendly fun-filled setting, the chemistry will flow and love can flourish. We runs bi-monthly over 35’s single lifestyle events for the tasteful individuals that are looking for alternative to Online Dating. We aim to bring people together to discover new places, make new friends and experience the journey of finding love



journeyBefore the event starts, the excitement and anticipation that tonight could be the night that you meet someone, perhaps “the one”.
The thought of going to a place of like-minded men and women, and someone you fancy might be there.
The journey of getting there should be as much fun as the destination, making it easy and fun to connecting with new friends along the way to finding the “one”

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placeImagine a place that’s upmarket and trendy but not crowded, where it’s easy to get a drink and chat with like-minded men and women of the same age.
A place where you don’t feel alone or awkward as the friendly hosts greet you and introduce you to other men and women. Instantly, you feel at ease.
A classy place that doesn’t feel like a pick-up joint. No more creepy people hovering around you.
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peopleImagine a world full of new single friends where you feel at home, amongst the “discerning older crowd”. No more awkward moments, just friends you have never met who are classy, well-mannered and share the same interest in having a good time.
Imagine a place where the women don’t outnumber the men. The same amount of quality men and women of the same age and background/values. That are looking new single connections and love.
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Our Club
and our promise to you

We runs bi-monthly events in Sydney. We offer 2 experiences; evening and day time


We serve food to suit the occasion from cocktail canapes to delightful lunches.

Our 5 Star venues will delight and surprise you. They are within the CBD or 5-10 km of CBD

Music to suits the mood and tempo of the event, from soulful lunch sessions to dancing the night away music.

Hosts to take care of your needs before and during the events.


Your exclusive invitation to join
At Chemistry Collective, we hold events to bring groups of people over 35 together to make new friends, explore new places and encounter new love. Entry to our events is via invitation only, so please fill in your details below and we will be in touch to confirm your application.